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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

[OS] Haiku almost live

Tracker is running on Haiku. - philipp schmid's blog.
If you ignore what Haiku is, well, it is an open source clone of BeOS.

I loved BeOS. It had a great modern design. SMall kernel, great GUI, threaded from the ground up, it used to boot in seconds, and had great ideas all over the environment.
And it is utterly dead, since the company that used to develop it was bought by Palm, Inc.
Now, several groups of people are trying to revive it, this particualr bunch of coders is trying to clone it, maintaining binary compat, and writing completely from scratch.
The great news is that they are now able to run tracker, which is to BeOS what explorer.exe is to windows

The Awful news is that there is no space for 4 OSs in the x86ish desktop world.
And Apple is coming to Intel.


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