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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Patents: Biggest. Fun. Evar.

This is so dumb.
It seem that some corporation (I'm told it is MSFT, but I may be wrong) patented "Data Mapping". For those who don't want to get a great laugh, this patented involves almost anything.

You want to use xml to represent books? ok.
SQL to represent graphs? ok.
LDAP for Employees? check.
YAML to represent Alien Invasion Plans? It's in.
Actually I think it also covers ASCII representations of anything.

Oh, wait look at this:
Another important attribute of the mapping architecture is that of being updateable.

INCREDIBLE! Damn, this is ther geat part, I could have never thought of making something updateable !

Damn, the sucky thing is that there is really people taking patents seriously.


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