Everything sux

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Better way

(from here

Java people like writing out System.out.println("Hello World!"); Some like it because they want to see and constantly be reminded of everything that is going on in their programming environment. Some like it for the same reason that people learn Klingon. Some like it because they don’t know there is any other way.

And obviously, people out of the java camp like to ignore that there is another way in java too:

import static System.out
println("hello world");

You think that the programming camp can get an advantage from intercultural developers?
Come one, this kind of people do not really exist. Life sux.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

[WEB] the world is a demo app

I mean, if you search "wasp" on google you'll get 2/10 results in the first page wich are web applications you may deserve to be paid for as a programmer.
OTOH, one of the two is definitely a classical one, with no real interesting things.
The other one is IMDB, quite a big and complex thing.

So, I just realized that those idiot things people usually try to sell you, like auto(generating|plugging|writing|component-binding) frameworks that are good at building a demo application (but you always considered in the view of "this will sux for real app") are actually useful 90% of the time.
Google is such a great teacher.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

[XML] My top 12 reasons to avoid XML

well, this was funny.
It is an ironic list of reasons to why you should use flat files over xml.
I'm not an xml hater. I mean nothing wrong in it as an mh.. format for.. well..
Ok, here's my list:

  • xml is human readable and SOAP is not a counter example.
  • xml is a simple standard, is not like you have to know lot's of acronyms
  • for decades we needed a hierarchical representation of data! what do you mean with "s-expressions" ? what "lisp" ?
  • xml is a compact expression for simple name/value pairs
  • xml is simple plain text, once you have a simple library to handle unicode, and a simple library to handle xml. It's not like you need some library to handle a binary format!
  • xml is simple plain text, it is not like W3C is planning a binary representation of it
  • xml is a wonderful fit for configuration files, something we needed for decades! we could not use configuration files for sooo long!
  • xml is a wonderful format for a programming language, as Ant have shown us.
  • xml is also a wonderful way to write a functional programming language that handles hierarchical structures, like xsl. Ah, stop this "lisp" and "s-expression" thing, please
  • xml is a great way to duplicate configuration data that you could access via reflection outside of your application. This way you can think about them twice and do to them right.
  • xml perfectly matches modern enterprise agile concepts such as hierarchical structures.
  • xml is perfectly interoperable, it is not a case that old config files where so useless beetween different operating systems and languages. You can't really have a parser for them!
  • xml is a wonderful base to build perfectly interoperable protocols, that will work like a charm with each other
  • xml is so widely used and loved!

tiny list of xml related acronyms and famous names:
XSL,XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, DTD, Schema, SAX, DOM, RelaxNG, XLink, SAX2, XPath, XQuery, RDF, RSS, ATOM, XForms, XPointer, not to mention JAXP, JAXB, DOM4J, JDOM, XHTML, PULL, XOM, XUL, XAML, BinaryXML, XSchema, SOAP, WSDL, XInclude , SMIL, SAAJ, ebXML, or JAXR